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Veterani golda X360


gucio103 [ Konsul ]

Veterani golda X360

Witam mam pytanie odnośnie tego nowego Dashboarda X360 od kiedy trzeba mieć golda aby mieć chociaż 1 poziom Veterana? Jak to działa co ile się zwiększa? itp


Shaybecki [ Shaybeck ]

zlicza łączny czas GOLDa, jeśli dłużej niż 12 miesięcy to daje +1

tak mi się wydaje

mi się roczny skończy w styczniu, tak więc nie mam jeszcze
mogłeś napisać w wątku o xboxie


Iskandiar [ Dragonforce ]

tylko trzeba pamiętać, że jak się nie wznowi subskrypcji w ciągu 10 dni to licznik się wyzeruje


Shaybecki [ Shaybeck ]

tak, to są roczne

Here is the information from Xbox Preview Support.

A. Changing your Gamertag won’t change your tenure, just like it doesn’t change your Gamerscore.

B. The most number of years you can have as of 8/7/2009 is 6. The very first Gamertag, e, was created on 8/13/2002. e, as he is known both online and in real life, will turn 7 on 8/13/2009.

C. All the time you spend in Gold is cumulative and any time you spend in silver doesn’t count.
For example if I created the Gamertag Tatsu24 on August 4th of 2007 but I didn’t upgrade it until February 14th of 2008; today my Gold Tenure would be 1 year because I spent 6 months of my first year in Silver status.

D. There is no “14 day gap in service” rule anymore
This was the original way tenure was calculated but we changed it.

E. Your Gold Veteran Status counts full years so if you’ve been a Gold member for 2 years, 11 months and 27 days; your status will display 2 years.

F. The “Member Since” date that you see in the Account Management section on and on your console is not the same as your tenure. That is the last time your profile was upgraded to gold (like the last time it auto-renewed or you applied a subscription code).

I know a few of you have expressed some concern and disappointment about your Gold Veteran Status # so I hope this clears it up. Everyone should be good to go soon if not already.

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