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[Angielski] Prosba o sprawdzenie


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[Angielski] Prosba o sprawdzenie

Some people think that the rich have everything. Buying expensive branded clothes, going to a disco every night, having enough money to gamble seems good but we have to ask yourself whether we are really happy. It is quite likely that poor people are happier than the rich.
There are a lot of people who are poor by choice. They choose to work less and buy only the necessary things in order to have more free time. In this way they can often see their family and friends even if they can’t have beautiful shoes from Adidas. Because of the rest they are always in a good mood.
The rich buy everything including into useless items. They are always working for all time forgetting about their family. Things which they buy make them happy for short time so they go to shop again. It is like an addiction.
It is difficult to judge whether poor people are happier than the rich, but in my opinion happiness is a state of mind and doesn’t depend on money. However, I think that the more money we have got the more problems we see.

Jesli ktos moglby podjac sie sprawdzenia tego, bylbym wdzieczny :)

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