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Kto mi sprawdźi prace domową z anglika?


blee_991 [ Generał ]

Kto mi sprawdźi prace domową z anglika?

W zadaniu chodzi o to, aby podporządkować tutyłu do textów.

A) Mad Mel
B) A disappointing ending
C) The man who knows too much
D)The Perfect couple
E) A reluctant heroine
F) A villain to remember
G) An excting love story

1. Mel Gibson is Jerry Fletcher, a New York taxi driver with a conspiracy theory for everything. He publishes his ideas on the Internet. One day of his theories upsets some very powerful men and suddenly his life is in serious danger.

2. The only person who can help him is also the woman he is secretly on love with. Julia Roberts plays Alice Sutton, a justice department lawyer. She wants nothing to do with Fletcher at first bus suddenly finds herself drawn into his world.

3. Conspiracy Theory is a well-written, entertaining fiml which successfully mixes two popular genres. As a thriller, there is plenty of action to keep the audience on the edge od their seats and, as a romance, we end up believing that a top lawyer really could fall in love with a taxi driver.

4. Perhaps the reason for this is in the strength of the acting. Gibson is at his best as the paranoid Fletcher (sp [aranoid that he keeps his food locked in canisters, locked inside his fridge).
And Julia Roberts reminds us that us that as well as being one of the most beautiful women on the planet, she is also one of the world's finest actresses.

5. But good as Gibson and Roberts are, that best performance of the film is from Star Trek's Patrick Stewart as Dr Jones, a psychologist from a sinister government department. Every minute he is on the screen he leaves the audience wondering what evil he will do next.

6. My only criticism is the last 20 minutes of the film, when director R.D. forgets his convincing tense storyline and the film descends into a traditional good vs. bad shoot-out. Meybe because he’s working with Mel Gibson again, Donner suddenly seems to think he’s directing the next in his series of Lethal Weapon movies

Moje odpowiedz (nie jestem co do nich pewien, a u mnie w domu nik nie zna angielskiego):

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C-1, E-2, G-3, A-4, D-5, B-6
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mnie sie wydaje ze masz wszystko dobrze :) sprawdzałem tez mi tak wyszło w razie co użyłem slownika

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