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Opowiadanie - oceńcie

Jeśli komuś się chce czytać :P

Advantages and disadvantages of being famous

Famous people have great life. They have got expensive cars, they buy huge houses with swimming pools, they have got everything they want. Lot of fans, who want to touch you, talk with you, and even look at you! That must be a great feeling. You are traveling all over the world, you meet so many cultures. Also, celebrities can do what they want. They are like president of country – lot of bodyguards protect them. And the best thing – if you are famous you don’t have to worry about your future (I mean money, work, and other). But do I want to be famous? I will start telling you about that problem.

Firstly the celebrities have lot of money, which they earn in simple way – they act in movies, videoclips, and adverts. I do not want to be an actor. I’m too shy to work in that way. And also it’s hard work. Many hours in movie studios, many tries… It’s simple – if you do not act well – you can’t earn much money. And that’s the one of reasons, that I wouldn’t be famous.

Although you are living in stress. You have got many fans, but there are some people, which hate you (for example you act a bad character in a movie).

Other disadvantage are children and young people. Ok, they love you, they listen to your new CD, watch your new movie – that’s cool. But it’s not cool that young people wear the same clothes like you (so you instruct fashion), they are doing make’up, they are going to hairdressers to do new hairstyle (for example David Beckham instruct hairstyle fashion for many years), they even do the same things like you! So do you I want to see children, which look exactly (or almost exactly) like you? No, definitely no.

And other thing – paparazzi’s. They are hunting for your photo all the time! You can’t go shopping, you can’t go to the pub alone, you can’t eat some fast food, you even can’t do anything stupid! Why? Because next day you will see your photo and commentary (those commentaries are always false) under it. That is horrible! No privacy.

But there are more advantages of being famous. For example – money. Music stars, film stars, sports stars earn millions (some of famous people have billion dollar fortune) of dollars, but they do not work hard for it. As I say, they work hard in studio, but they earn money when they are staying at home. Other people make your money grow.

And you can spend those money on everything. Cars (elite stars have got more than 10 cars), houses, clothes, “bling-bling” things. On the other side, celebrities do not know what to do with huge amounts of money, so they are giving their money for charity. In my opinion that is the best thing in being famous. I wouldn’t buy those things, if I wouldn’t be famous…

CPA’s (Celebrity’s Personal Assistant) are also very useful person in famous people life.

In conclusion: Yes, I want to be celebrity. Lot of money (cars!), lot of fans, lot of travels. It’s nice to be an authority for somebody also. My dream is earning money in job that you like very much.

Dużo błędów? Dobrze stylistycznie?

A jeżeli komus sie nie chce to przynajmniej niech mi powie, czy to zdanie jest poprawne:

I wouldn’t buy those things, if I wouldn’t be famous…


swee [ Gunslinger ]

dwa razy would w zdaniu z 'if' .... coś tu nie tak

If I wouldn't be famous I couldn't buy those things (lepiej?)

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