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do bardzo dobrze znajacych angielski


hohner111 [ TransAm ]

do bardzo dobrze znajacych angielski

mialbym mala prosbe, moze ktos madrzejszy z angola odemnie moglby to jakos przetlumaczyc?

The hardest part this troubled heart has never yet been through now
To heal the scars that got their start inside someone like you now
But had I known or I'd been shown back when I'd long you'd take me
To break the charge that brought me home...
and all that won't erase me

i to:

If I were you, I'd manage to abhore the invitation
Of promised love that can't keep up with your adoration
Just use your head, and in the end you'll find your inspiration
To choose your steps and won't regret this kind of aggravation


hohner111 [ TransAm ]



Jamkonorek [ California rest in peace ]

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