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Prośba o sprawdzenie tekstu z j. angielskiego...


PrzemQ 09 [ Konsul ]

Prośba o sprawdzenie tekstu z j. angielskiego...

Last year, I was at holiday with my friend Thomas in Transylwania. Before this voyage, one man, who we met at airport, told us that this voyage could be our last voyage, because this country is really dangerous. We laughed for this and we didn’t believe of course. But few days later this events proved truth…
We were very happy because of this journey. We have been planning this voyage for two years. Our plane started in Monday at 9 a.m. We were very excited. After two hours we landed up in Transylwania. The weather was so great. The town, where we lived was beautiful and had very rich history. One day, when we ate supper in our hotel, the hotelkeeper told us about old legend about Drakula – one of the most famous vampires in the world. We heard it several times, but the atmosphere was amazing: in room was dark, fireplace give amazing spirit… I was really afraid! Three days later we went on trip to nearby mountains. The weather was so great and the views were really excellent. We have been walking for five hours, and suddenly weather went sour. In few minutes began the tempest. We started run away, but we were far from our hotel… Thomas decided to found some shelter. We were walking for hour and we were completely sodden. Suddenly Thomas noticed something: “Look, there is a castle! Let’s go there!” The castle was open, so we go into inside. The weather wasn’t better and we decided stayed in castle for night. We were really tired, so we flaked down very fast. But I awoke few times. I heard steps, voice and wolf’s howl… I was very afraid, but Thomas said me, that this is my imagination. I couldn’t sleep at all. I got up and went to balcony, because I want get some fresh air. I cannot believe one’s eyes! I saw… vampire! This is horrible... He had big red eyes and big teeth, which was all in blood. I take him the photo and ran away to our room and woke up Thomas. I told him about this event. He didn’t believe me – he said that I was tired and it must have been a dream. He said me that I must sleep, but I didn’t sleep to the end of night. At the morning I found vampire’s footprints and his ring and I showed it to Thomas. He believed me, that I saw vampire at night. We ran away to our town and we told our hotelkeeper about our adventure. He didn’t believe us, but when I showed him the ring, he was so amazed and he believed me. Next day we come back to our homes. I was so amazed when I developed the film from my camera – on photo of vampire was… big red plot, which was like blood! But the ring lies on shelf under desk in my room still.
This voyage stayed in our memory to the end of our lives.

Miał być tekst o jakimś ciekawym wydarzeniu w jakimś ciekawym miejscu... może trochę abstrakcyjnie, ale.. :) Byłbym wdzięczny, jeśli ktoś mi to sprawdzi...


settogo [ Nie zgadzam się ]

sugerowalbym uzywanie journey zamiast voyage
We were very happy because of this journey - moze of journey
We have been planning this voyage for two years - we've planned this journey...
very rich history -> mozna tak mowic?:D
in the world -> on the world
was really afraid --> was very horribly
went on trip nearby mountains -> went on the trip..
The weather was so great --> The weather was great
views were really excellent ---> o co Ci chodzi??
We have been walking for five hours, and suddenly weather went sour --> weather went sout (tak sie nei mowi... raczej weather cleaned-up) after we had walked for 5 h



PrzemQ 09 [ Konsul ]

views were really excellent ---> o co Ci chodzi??

widoki były naprawde piekne/cudowne... nie chciałem kolejny raz great


iNfiNity! [ NSX ]

settogo nie wprowadzaj w błąd, in the world...


cotton_eye_joe [ maniaq ]

to be on holiday
one man whom we met at the airport
we laughed at this
proved to be truth
plane took off on monday
it was dark in the room
fireplace created mood
we went on a trip
we were walking for an hour
a few minutes later a tempest began
we started to run
thomas decided to find
the castle gate was opened
we decided to stay there for the night
but i woke up a few times
but thomas told me/said to me this was my imagination
i went to balcony to get some fresh air
i couldnt believe my own eyes
this was horrible
he had big teeth with blood still dripping from them
i took a photo of him and ran back
he told me i had to go to sleep
in the morning
but the ring still lies on a shelf in my room
this voyage will stay in out memories forever

edit, sugerowalbym nie sluchac settogo


PrzemQ 09 [ Konsul ]

Dzięki wielkie - na prawdę mi pomogliście :) Dzięki!

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