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Jak przejść GTA: SA w 7h i 46m ??



Jak przejść GTA: SA w 7h i 46m ??

Nie wiecie jak? Odpowiedź (filmiki podzielone są na części) znajdziecie w linku.



Aha i jeszcze to:

Notes/Missions in each part:

Part 1 (Big Smoke, Sweet & Kendl, Ryder, Tagging Up Turf, Cleaning The Hood, Drive-Thru, Nines and AKs, Drive-By, Sweet's Girl)

- This could definitely be improved on. The mistakes on the bike are not too costly because you have to wait for Ryder anyway, but my car catching on fire in Sweet's Girl is very avoidable. Gets better from here on in though.

Part 2 (Home Invasion, Catalyst, Robbing Uncle Sam)

Part 3 (Cesar Vialpando, High-Stakes Low Rider,OG Loc, Life's A Beach, Running Dog)

- 1:28 for the lowrider race.

Part 4 (Wrong Side of The Tracks, Just Business)

- It's possible to launch the bike at the train (from the ramp on the right of the tracks), and hence vaguely possible that you could get the bike ontop of the train. I couldn't do it though, but it would save a bit of time.

Part 5 (Madd Dogg's Rhymes, Management Issues, Burning Desire)

Part 6 (Doberman, Grey Imports, House Party)

- I take the bike into the warehouse in Grey imports because you take a lot fewer hits on the bike. I mess up driving with the flatbed quite badly, but it doesn't cost too much time, because you can't do House Party til 22:00 anyway.

Part 7 (Los Sepulcros, Reuniting The Families, Green Sabre)
Part 8 (Badlands)
Part 9 (King In Exile, First Date, Tanker Commander, Body Harvest)
Part 10 (First Base, Local Liquor Store)
Part 11 (Gone Courting, Against All Odds)
Part 12 (Made In Heaven, Small Town Bank)

Part 13 (Wu Zi Mu, Farewell My Love, Are You Going To San Fierro)

- 2:56 for the first race, 3:07 for the second.

Part 14 (Wear Flowers In Your Hair, 555 WE TIP, Deconstruction)

Part 15 (Photo Opportunity)

- Seemingly random, but all the swimming is because you need to "level up" lung capacity 3 times before doing

Amphibious Assault, in part 21.

Part 16 (Jizzy, T-Bone Mendez, Mike Toreno)

- This went quite well, apart from getting the worst possible placement for Toreno's van at the airport. Doesn't cost too much time though.

Part 17 (Outrider)

- No matter how fast you destroy the roadblocks, you still have to wait for the van to get to the end of its route to finish the mission, so you have about 90 seconds of free time to go and get stuff. Important to save after this mission because you get three stars, and saving will make them disappear.

Part 18 (Snail Trail)

- Some more free time in this mission while waiting for the reporter to catch a taxi, but there was nothing really useful to do in it. Sadly you can't repeat the trick from GTA III of getting your own taxi and picking the guy up in that, you just have to follow him at a snail's pace instead.

Part 19 (Ice Cold Killa, Mountain Cloud Boys, Ran-Fa Li, Pier 69)

Part 20 (Lure, Toreno's Last Flight)

- Quite a long detour to get the Heatseeking Rocket Launcher, but it proves to be just about worth it compared to chasing Toreno down the highway. It must be possible to shoot him down quickly with the normal Rocket Launcher without chasing him anywhere, but I couldn't get near to doing it.

Part 21 (Amphibious Assault, The Da Nang Thang)

- It's not possible to avoid being shot down and losing all your weapons at the start of The Da Nang Thang. This part goes quite well, apart from the fact I shouldn't have picked up an SMG a few parts earlier in Outrider, you lose the ability to run and shoot at the same time, which would've been quite useful.

Part 22 (Yay-Ka-Boom-Boom)

Part 23 (Monster, Hijack, Interdiction, Verdant Meadows)

- A fairly good segment, spoilt a bit by poor weather at the end, flying without knowing where I was really going and I flew over the no-fly-zone.

Part 24 (Learning To Fly)

- All golds in 10 minutes - this is probably one of my favourite parts of the run, mainly because it took me a couple of hours to get all golds first time I did it. I've never done them all perfectly in a row, but only 2 failures (on Land Helicopter and Barrel Roll) is quite good I think.

Part 25 (N.O.E, Stowaway, Black Project)

Part 26 (Green Goo)

- As far as I can tell, the goo is always in the last crate you open, so no manipulation of luck is possible there I don't think. This is also the last segment that comes off VCR, so quality gets better after this.

Part 27 (Fender Ketchup, Explosive Situation, You've Had Your Chips, Don Peyote, Intensive Care)

- The helicopter is a lot better at not disappearing in between cutscenes now, though you still need to get into it at the end of Fender Ketchup or it will disappear, and you need to swap the hunter for the Maverick in Don Peyote because the Hunter cannot take passengers. I thought the man was always in the last ambulance you rammed in Intensive Care, similar to what happens in Green Goo, in fact this is the only time I've ever seen that not happen. The ending is a bit sloppy, but it was still faster than my other attempts because of that factor.

Part 28 (Misappropriation, The Meat Business, Fish In A Barrel, Madd Dogg, Freefall)

- Driving the ambulance in Misappropriation is quicker than stopping at Verdant Meadows and taking the Hunter, mainly because you would still need to switch into a Maverick as you need to carry a passenger in The Meat Business.

Part 29 (High Noon, Saint Mark's Bistro)

- This segment probably took me around 20 attempts to record as High Noon is by far the most irritatingly random mission in the game. Pulaski seems to be randomly invincible, most of the time either his car remained undamaged or somehow he survived the explosion, rose up like Terminator 2 and killed me :/ .

Part 30 (A Home In The Hills)

- This mission is probably the reason behind the bizarre inability of CJ to run indoors, you cannot catch Big Poppa up.

Part 31 (Vertical Bird)

- The best mission in the game! You don't need to target any of the planes, if you fly low they will always destroy themselves by flying into the surrounding hills (usually at the expense of them hitting you though).

Part 32 (Home Coming, Beat Down On B Dup, Grove 4 Life)

- Every time I tried this there was a lot of waiting in at least one of the territories for gang members to spawn, you would have to be very lucky to avoid that before the riots started. The helicopter disappeared in the middle of Grove 4 Life as well though, but I could have probably avoided that by getting into it after the first territory was won.

Part 33 (Cut Throat Business, Riot, Los Desperados)

Part 34-36

- Just taking over enough territories to activate the final mission. I waited for the riot to start before I did these, because it seems like there are more gang members around in the riot to start the fights with.

Part 37 (End Of The Line)

- This part went fairly smoothly, I don't think I could have done much better here. It's possible of course just to run through the fires, but apart from the one nearest the exit, I didn't think I could afford to lose the health for doing it.


TeadyBeeR [ Legend ]

Mocno sie zdziwisz jak napisze, ze bylo juz dawno?


zoor!n [ Senator ]

To bylo juz gdy w serwisie GOL pojawil sie poradnik do GTA:SA



ehhh niestety nie jestem na bierząca, ale może ktoś jeszcze nie widział




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