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Nowy Patch do Duke Nukem 3D


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Nowy Patch do Duke Nukem 3D

Heheh polecam pobranie owego pliku wersja 1.6f, np. z tego miejsca -,0&x=gra,29,526,4135#plik4135

Oto opis:
Here is a quick list of the changes from v1.6f.

1. Modify title screen, so that it displays 'Duke Nukem Forever'
instead of 'Duke Nukem 3D', to make people think they are
playing a new game - which is not the case, but they're not
supposed to know that...

2. Adds a few new command line parameters:

-letstryquake : switch to Quake engine
-yeabutunreallooksgreat : switch to Unreal engine
-whataboutkarma : switch to Karma engine
-Cateishot : switch to LithTech engine
-takesomekreed : switch to X-Tend engine
-Ithinkimgonnacry : switch to CryEngine
-werenevergonnamakeit : switch back to Duke engine
-daikatana : crashes the game

3. Adds support for new Operating Systems (win 3.1 and dos 6.2)

4. Adds support for Matrox Millenium & new generation gfx cards (SVGA)

5. Adds support for keyboard (you can now start the game by using the
arrow keys and press the enter key to select options)

6. Adds support for PC buzzer (sound card support will be added in the following release)


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